Hart Nadav Feuer


Vitae and Academics

Curriculum Vitae (.pdf)

Publications - Please find some full-texts and more comprehensive publications in my ResearchGate profile

PhD, Center for Development Research, University of Bonn, Germany

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) Thesis, Oxford University, 2008

B.A. Thesis, Dept. of Economics & Business, Lafayette College, 2004

Selected Unpublished Works

Militarism & Environment Board Game, 2006

A board game for high school (grade 9-12) illustrating the effects of militarism on the environment. Requires dice, tokens (e.g. dried beans), and player pieces (e.g. bottle caps). The board is designed for A3-size paper. Color printing is critical.
  • Download the game board and materials (.zip, 15 MB)